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Offering nutritional products of the highest quality to the Greek animal production market is a non-negotiable integral part of Univet’s DNA. Each and every collaboration we have established with companies outside Greece guarantees to our customers the best quality of our products through European certifications for all the livestock production stages.



Livestock production is an area where new data are constantly emerging on the physiological and nutritional needs of animals. Innovation and adaptability are therefore inextricably linked to success. The new and pioneering are elements that always interested us and we seek to offer them to our partners, aiming at the development of sustainable practices in animal production. Research is an integral part of the development of the successful nutrition and management of livestock and with the contribution of the European Houses, with whom we maintain exclusive cooperation, we transfer innovation through products and services to the Greek livestock sector.


Strong Relationship for Mutual Success

At UNIVET we believe that working closely with our clients is the cornerstone for developing strong relationship based on trust aiming at our mutual success. Thus, we provide our customers with personalized solutions in order to achieve the most cost-efficient productive development of their business.